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Risk & Control Services

Financial reporting processes are typically dependent on a number of operational processes and related controls. A lot can go wrong during normal business cycles. Have you ever found yourself wondering:

  • Do our processes truly work as intended?
  • Do our controls address our business risks and are they effective?
  • How can we make our processes more efficient?

Our CFO Advisor’s Risk and Control Services help you identify key risks in your organization and respond to those risks in a cost effective manner. As your advisor, I can assist you as a retained advisor or on a project level and also help you communicate the risks to your board or other governance function.

Developing risk assessment and control assessment plans

An organizational risk assessment helps you understand what aspects of your company create significant financial and operational risks. Our CFO Advisor can help you identify the risks specific to your company and assess how the risks might impact your operational and financial objectives. We can also build a plan for you to dive more deeply into specific areas and help you decide where you might need controls to mitigate the risks.

Executing risk and control assessments covering Financial, Operational, and IT Functions

Drawing on more 30 years of risk and controls experience, Our CFO Advisor can help your business perform risk and control assessments for the financial, operational, and IT functions of your organization. We can develop and execute workplans customized to fit your business, perform the testing, and provide you with concise findings and recommendations to be shared internally with your management team and/or board of directors.

Communicating results to Executive Management and/or your company’s Board of Directors

Our CFO Advisor can provide you with concise deliverables written for your internal executive audience. Our deliverables provide a clear communication about the identified risks, assessment steps, and recommendations to mitigate the identified risks. Presenting these assessment results often requires more than a written deliverable. Our CFO Advisor can further refine the deliverables and present them directly to executive management and the board, as your company desires.

Assisting with preparation for external audits and coordination with CPA firms

Frequently, external audits come with substantial audit requests. To effectively perform their audit, an external auditor must gain an understanding of the business and financial transactions and events that are material to the financial statements. The requests are often iterative, as the auditor gains a deeper understanding of the events that impact your financials. As part of our Risk and Control Services, Our CFO Advisor can help you navigate the external auditor requests and respond with the information your external auditor needs; freeing you up so you can focus on your business.

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