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Small and mid-sized companies are frequently challenged with turning their financial data into business insights. Do you ever find yourself wondering:

  • What does the financial data mean to my business?
  • How profitable is my company?
  • Are my receivables policies inhibiting my business?
  • How do I deal with supply chain disruptions?
  • How do I develop a meaningful cash flow forecast?

Whether you need a part time CFO or transitional CFO, Our CFO Advisor can help you unlock your business’ potential through our Contract CFO Services.

Developing Dashboards

The CFO Dashboard provides you with a quick, succinct view of your company’s financial health and helps you focus on areas requiring your attention. Our CFO Advisor can build a dashboard tailored for your company and industry including key financial and other measures specific to your business. We can also help you identify and track supply chain dependencies and potential alternatives. While serving as a part time or interim CFO, we can provide you with the dashboard on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis.

Providing Business Insight

Many organizations rely on intuition to manage their business. Our CFO Advisor can take you beyond intuition and provide you with key financial, information technology, and operational insights about your business. We can help you understand what works well and what needs your attention. We also can perform root cause analysis to help you get problem areas back on track.

Assist you in preparing Internal Financial Statements

Your internal financial statements provide you with a detailed picture of your company’s financial health. Our CFO Advisor can help you tune your internal reporting to support your decision making process, compare profitability of different parts of your business, and identify business areas needing you attention. In addition, we can help you prepare standard versions to help fulfill requests from of your external auditors.

Developing business budgets and forecasts

Improving your business requires setting expectations and measuring performance. Budgets and forecasts provide you with the ability to set financial expectations, measure performance against the budget, and provide you with a forward view of likely performance. The forecast also helps you respond to unanticipated events and tweak your business decisions to improve overall performance. Our CFO Advisor can free you up to focus on your business by helping you establish and maintain your financial budgets and forecasts.

Assisting with preparation for external audits and coordination with CPA firms

Frequently, external audits come with substantial audit requests. To effectively perform their audit, an external auditor must gain an understanding of the business and financial transactions and events that are material to the financial statements. The requests are often iterative, as the auditor gains a deeper understanding of the events that impact your financials. As part of our Contract CFO Services, Our CFO Advisor can help you navigate the external auditor requests and respond with the information your external auditor needs; freeing you up so you can focus on your business.

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