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Business Process Improvement Services​

As your business changes and grows, processes and systems that served you well may no longer be able to support your expanding volume, changes in accounting standards, or customer expectations. Do you find yourself asking:

  • Have we outgrown our existing processes?
  • Are our processes too complex?
  • How do we simplify our environment so we can focus on our business?

Our CFO Advisor brings significant experience in business process analysis and re-engineering financial and operational business processes. Additionally, Our CFO Advisor can assist you in documenting your business requirements for systems changes.

Designing and assisting with  implementation of Internal Controls

Internal Controls provide checks and balances within your organization to help ensure that your business processes operate as you intend. The type and complexity of internal controls is frequently dependent on the size and complexity of your organization. Whether you are a smaller company or a large organization, Our CFO Advisor can help you evaluate your existing controls and design and implement controls that fit your business needs.

Redesigning and simplifying complex business processes

As organizations grow, the related business processes often change. New products and services or changes in accounting systems may require the organization to adopt new processes. Frequently the new processes are layered on top of exiting processes adding unneeded complexity. Our CFO Advisor can help you evaluate your existing business processes, identify inefficiencies, and redesign the processes to simplify your business.

Evaluating of current systems, their ability to satisfy the company’s business needs, and documentation of business requirements

One of the most frustrating challenges of a business owner or manager is being hobbled by their existing information systems. A system that met the business’ need when it was implemented, may no longer be able to effectively handle the needs of the business. Our CFO Advisor can help you evaluate your systems against your current and expected needs. We can also help you develop a set of business requirements that can be used to evaluate potential solutions that can help you meet your business goals.

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