Eric OKunewick of Our CFO Advisor

After experiencing one of the longest expansions in our history, American businesses have now gone through one of the quickest economic declines. The 2020 shutdown has impacted both essential and non-essential businesses alike. While many businesses classified as non-essential experienced total shutdowns, most every business has seen some reduction in revenue-generating activities.

  • Has your business experienced recent growth or an unexpected contraction?
  • Are you able to maintain the pulse of your business in the current remote working environment?
  • Are you struggling with making sense of your financial data?
  • Do your current financial processes align with your business strategy?
  • Do you need help closing your books on a timely basis?

As the US economy opens back up, businesses are faced with daunting questions such as: Will our customers and suppliers stay in business? Will customers be able to pay us on a timely basis? Are our current inventories sufficient to weather potential supply chain disruptions?

My name is Eric OKunewick and I have been in Corporate Finance, Information Technology, and Independent Auditor roles for more than 30 years.  I will help you simplify your financial accounting processes, reduce your business risk, and unlock your business potential.


Our CFO Advisor LLC helps you unlock your organization’s potential by providing you with financial and operational insights about your business and helping you plan your growth. Our services include a combination of Contract CFO, Risk and Control, and Business Process Improvement services.

All our services can be delivered on site (with appropriate social distancing and PPE) or remotely to meet your business needs.

Contract CFO Services

Permanent Part Time (Fractional) or Interim CFO to help satisfy your business’ financial record keeping and internal reporting needs.

- Developing dashboards with key financial and business indicators
- Providing insights into your business’ financial data
- Assist you in preparing Internal Financial Statements
- Developing business budgets and forecasts
- Assisting with preparation for external audits and coordination with CPA firms

Risk and Control Services

Risk and Internal Control Assessment and Remediation to assist in evaluating business and financial risks and developing action plans for improvement.

- Developing risk assessment and control assessment plans
- Executing risk and control assessments covering Financial, Operational, and IT Functions
- Communicating results to Executive Management and/or your company’s Board of Directors
- Assisting with preparation for external audits and coordination with CPA firms

Business Process Improvement Services

Business Process Improvement and Project Management to assist companies in re-engineering financial and operational business processes.

- Designing and assisting with implementation of Internal Controls
- Redesigning and simplifying complex business processes
- Evaluating systems against current business needs and documenting business requirements

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